Patient Protection from Healthcare Associated Infections

What are healthcare associated infections (HAI)?

HAI are infections that occur as a result of healthcare interventions and are caused by mico-organisms – such as bacteria and viruses. They can happen when you are being treated in hospital, at home, in a Doctor’s surgery, or having a diagnostic examination.

How do they happen?

HAIs can occur through contact with healthcare professionals or diagnostic equipment.

Can they be prevented?

Healthcare facilities use a range of procedures, policies and structures to reduce risk of infection.

At Vascular One all our staff regularly wash their hands – including before and after contact with every patient. Sonographers wear disposable gloves which are discarded at the end of every examination. In the presence of an open wound, ulcer or during a treatment procedure, protective covers are placed over ultrasound transducers (for example - probe covers, surgical drapes or latex gloves). These are discarded after use and are never used more than once. All ultrasound transducers are disinfected with a high level disinfectant. Machinery and equipment, including examination beds, are disinfected at the completion of every work day. Fresh disposable paper is placed on the examination bed and pillow at the beginning of every examination and bed linen is replaced weekly, or as required if soiled.

In addition to the above, masks and gowns are also available to an individual who may be infected by, carrying or likely to transmit and infectious agent.

For further information or assistance, please speak to any of the Vascular One staff.